Our Mission

Empower individuals to live life without any slowdowns, through innovative solutions that merge modern science with traditional herbal wisdom

A Solution Born From Personal Struggles

The story begins with Chrissy, a spirited young professional navigating the whirlwind of 80-hour workweeks, lively social scenes, and an intense fitness regimen. Soon enough, hangovers started to take a toll, and Chrissy was faced with a dilemma: How to balance life with demanding schedules?

After scouring the market, she found only disappointment. Pills, liquids, and hydration drinks were either a hassle to carry, tasted awful, or simply didn’t work.

Seeing no suitable options, Chrissy and her best friend Shi embarked on a journey to create a solution that would be both enjoyable and effective, as well as natural and trustworthy.

Blending Science & Tradition Tailored for Your Lifestyle

“With utmost precision, we chose patented ingredients that had demonstrated effectiveness through rigorous scientific testing.

Guided by our personal experience and faith in the holistic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we weaved time-tested traditional wisdom into a unique formula to create b.Ready vegan gummies.

b.Ready is more than functional, but symbolizes a perfect blend of East and West for holistic well-being. Born from our journey and designed for yours, all to empower you to live life to the fullest.

Here's to celebrating life together! 💗”

Chrissy & Shi

Co-Founders, b.Ready

Team of Experts

b.Ready was brought to life by a committed team of food scientists, doctors, and gummy formulators, each bringing an average of 20+ years of industry expertise.

Our gummies went through numerous rigorous bench-top testing cycles to perfect an enjoyable texture and flavor while preserving the maximum potency of our functional ingredients.

This unique formula represents a harmonious blend of East and West, delivering an efficacious, trustworthy, and enjoyable solution for immediate relief and holistic well-being.

Meet Chrissy & Shi

Growing up in a family that honored the holistic benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chrissy developed a deep passion for sustainable health through the power of natural herbs. Despite beginning as a CPA, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to Carnegie Mellon University for an MBA, renowned for innovation and science. While there, she had an epiphany to fuse modern science with TCM’s wellness wisdom. That's how b.Ready was born.


Shi's relentless work schedule led her to rely on quick fixes. Then, everything changed when she was diagnosed with a tumor. She went through exhausting cycles of medications and surgeries only to find herself entangled in a web of recurring illnesses. This prompted her to explore the herbal power of TCM in pursuit of long-term wellness. Now healthier and wiser, Shi has co-founded b.Ready to provide others with sustainable health options.